Flawless Life And Living | The Ebony Room
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The Ebony Room

Work in progress


The Ebony Room is one place but several spaces: a choice, fusion restaurant, a world-class lounge bar with innovative culinary cocktail bartenders, a vintage whiskey bar soundproofed for confidentiality, and a magical garden under the Mediterranean night sky. An exclusive, high-end Ibiza destination, the Ebony Room offers a more laid-back nightlife experience for early evening and early night custom.


Strategically placed on the outskirts of downtown Ibiza in a neighbourhood of luxury villas conveniently accessible from Ibiza’s most coveted beaches and the island’s private and commercial airport terminals, building the Ebony Room brand begins in Ibiza. The location has been chosen for its hotspot exposure and growth potential: working its way from this privileged window display with a global clientele of HNWI and jetsetters, the word of mouth will travel the world, showing the way for later expansion to other destinations.