Flawless Life And Living | Cotton Suites
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Cotton Suites

Work in progress


Already running at full capacity, we’ve seen how the Cotton Beach Club concept can be taken to the next stage offering guests the opportunity to maximise their Cotton Beach Club experience.


Instead of starting out with a hotel, trying to get a restaurant or lounge linked to the hotel going, we built a beach club and are now adding accommodation, doing it the other way round. What does that make us? Unique! Almost a resort, but since the beach club and hotel are separate, not really. What Cotton Suites offer is an exceedingly comfortable, private stay in spectacularly beautiful surroundings. Just 50 meters downhill you find your second home: the beach club.


Depending on your status and booking, Cotton Suites offers full catering. Guests enjoy special privileges with VIP cards and guaranteed access to sunbeds on the beach or at the VIP level, welcome drinks for lunch and dinner, fixed table reservations, concierge service, and other nice-to-have features. Each suite will be between 42-50m2 in size and feature a front 30m2 terrace with sea views, sunbeds and lounge sofa, an outdoor shower, and a small outdoor area at the back.