Flawless Life And Living | Bar Baboon
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Bar Baboon

If you like your Taiwanese Single Malt Whisky slowly poured over a perfectly shaped sphere of ice and served in a vintage heavy-base tumbler, Bar Baboon is the Ibiza address you have to go out of your way to find.


Tucked away as a well-kept secret in a downtown alley just off the Figueretas beach promenade this place isn’t an obvious tourist spot but attracts people of fastidious tastes. Knowing their drink, in the spirit of the arts of the ancient alchemists, Baboon’s gentlemen bartenders make you question time-continuum with their magic, adding such secret and dark touches to their scientifically distilled potions that new worlds and possibilities open up.


Dubbed A Waterhole for Monkeys & Friends, uniquely Baboon has introduced Cocktails, Cold Pressed & Raw. Applying the cold press techniques that have been perfected by the smoothie culture is central to Bar Baboon’s philosophy, guaranteeing
that its potent drinks come packed with as much natural nutrition and real taste as absolutely possible.


Clawing, chopping, and squeezing the freshest fruit and vegetables they can find, Baboon’s Big Cat bartenders are traditional but experimental. Upholding old school values but with the freedom to go wild, these shakers and stirrers know their drink. The results are mind-blowing.