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Alma Sushi

Work in progress


The ALMA Sushi concept has been created for a niche and will answer market demands for top quality, innovative sushi. ALMA Sushi wants to make a mark and find a place on the map as the world’s pre-eminent sushi spot, inventing and presenting new standards in contemporary sushi cuisine based on a Nordic dogma. Think again, as the ancient traditions and food rituals of Japan meet fresh produce from the cold waters of the High North in a Mediterranean setting…


With new names on the menu, salmon, cod, lobster, crab, and other seafood from the Nordic seas have a reputation of being the best in the world. Coldwater fish is famously flavourful and particularly high in healthy omega-3 fatty acids because they live in environments that promote production of this fat very well. Increasing your intake of coldwater fish is commonly recommended to help you get the omega-3s you need.

Introducing Norwegian Rakfisk – usually made from trout, char-salted and fermented from 2-7 months and served with sour cream and onion – another major novelty in ALMA coldwater sushi will be whale meat served as either sashimi and sushi.