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Flawless Life And Living transforms drawing board ideas into unique style experiences and iconic business brands in lifestyle, travel, and hospitality. Drawing on talent from across the globe, the Flawless Life And Living team is a tight international network of kindred spirits and creative minds, which includes architects, engineers, 3D designers, art directors, furniture manufacturers, artists, music and sound designers.


Working as a creative force under the direction of Christian and Merete Marstrander, this cluster of independent talent bounces inspiration, insights, and experiences, collaborating closely with clients to conceive outstanding and innovate solutions that make business sense. Flawless Life And Living can help you develop your idea from scratch, assessing business viability, identifying segments to match opportunities, and scoping brand potential for further roll-out. Taking the plans off the table, we’re also the partner you need with the track record, know-how, and the people to make it all happen – for real.



Contact Flawless Life And Living for a sound assessment of whether your idea will float or sink. We do off-the-cuff evaluations for nothing, but happily engage as partners in in-depth studies and developments of projects with real potential.



Style, as much as beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, but we’ve got a sense of what works for most. The bottom line is staying clear, consistent, beautiful, bold. Visit Case Studies to get an idea of what we do.



Branding becomes visionary and successful when it transcends blue-sky thinking to be real. Flawless Life And Living goes beyond billboarding and routine solutions to make your idea stand out as uniquely individual and genetically integral to your business identity or philosophy.

In our experience, idea, style, brand, and marketing can rarely be viewed in isolation but must be seen as a whole, reflecting multiple aspects of the business case. From a complete make-over to a simple coat of paint, from start-ups to businesses that are running out of steam, we take pride in the committed partnership we offer to make your idea succeed.


Making every single element

Lets say you have a nice hotel but you want to refurbish and introduce a bar and lounge concept that will attract hotel guests but you also want people from the outside to start coming. You idea is to start a trendy mingling place for people to meet after working hours and in the weekends. Flawless Life And Living likes to be involved in these kind of scenarios delivering every single element to make it all happen.